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With the rising costs of fuel and childcare, working from home is becoming a popular alternative to the daily commute.  Working from home not only cuts expenses, but also it allows you to spend more time with your family.  Of all work at home opportunities, data entry jobs are among the most popular.

What You Need

Data entry jobs involve inputting information into a computer database.  This may be as complex as detailed order information or as basic as a contact list.  In order to work from home performing data entry jobs, there are skills and equipment that you will need to have.

•    Typing
•    10-key entry
•    Ability to use different software programs
•    Able to meet deadlines without a supervisor standing over you


•    Computer
•    Keyboard with 10-key pad (This is for quick 10-key entry, but it can be done without the 10-key pad, if necessary.)
•    Word processing and database software (If the company requires special software, they will typically provide that.)
•    Email account and/or working telephone so the company can contact you

Finding Jobs

Finding a work-from-home data entry job is similar to finding any other type of job.  There are several web sites available that list data entry jobs, and there are work-from-home databases available.  At times, companies seeking people to perform data entry jobs from home will even place advertisements in local newspapers.  Have a current resume ready when applying because even work-from-home employers will often want to see it.

When looking for data entry jobs, beware of sites that ask for money in order to access their job base.  Often these sites have old data or simply provide you with a list of companies to contact to find out if they can use your expertise.  If you think a paid database may be for you, ask to see sample listings before paying any fees.

Work-from-home data entry is a growing field, and increasingly more employers are using work-from-home employees to lower their operating costs.  It is possible to find a legitimate data entry job, but you must proceed with caution.  If you can type and perform 10-key with speed and accuracy, and you have access to a computer and software, then work-from-home data entry may be the perfect job for you.

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