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Coupons to help families save money is an necessity in today’s economy. Every cent must count and be stretched further than was ever needed before. A great rule of thumb is to make a list and stick to it. Impulse buying will cause over spending. The good thing is manufacturers understand and want to help us out in every way they can to keep you buying their product. Listed below are a few websites offering name brands which can be used at any store selling their product. The local library can be a great place to print if you do not own a printer. After ten copies they will charge a nominal print fee.

Pch.com (publisher clearning house) has a partner offer area with Coolsavings.com that will deliver offers weekly to your inbox. Coolsavings.com has a free trial/sample area for registered users. Must sign up with Publishers Clearing House to get the partner offer. Joining is free.

Places like foodcouponsdirect.com have a well organized category division at the left on the landing page of the site. The coupons are major names. The categories include food, baby food and other items. Click the category link on the left for the coupon.

http://printable-coupons.blogspot.com/2006/03/grocery-food-coupons.html also has coupons with names such as Betty Crocker, Green Giant, Hamburger Helper to name a few.

couponing.about.com has a large list of just listed and older listings of from top names like Wish-Bone, Uncle Ben’s and Betty Crocker. Some links will tell you of a freebie, expiration date or how much off before clicking the link to the coupon.

microsite.coupons.com will give you the option of your zip code to tailor coupons to your local area or you can click no thanks to view all coupons. Major names like McCormick, Pillsbury, Yoplait are available to be printed.

couponcat.com.net – Click grocery link on left for a listing of available coupons. Includes names like Bertoli, Campbells, and French’s. Will link to company website.

coupondad.net – Click picture of bag of groceries, page will display list and picture of food. Some companies will not support the latest Firefox browser yet. Expiration date is usually 30-60 days from print date.

coupondivas.com – Click grocery coupons link for a list of the week’s grocery coupons (free). Name brands like McCormick, Yoplait and Hillshire Farm. Just click on picture to clip.

couponsurfer.com makes you join but has brand names listed like Cheerios, Dannon and Kashi on the landing page.

ppgazette.com will ask for sign-in info to let you see the grocery coupon details. Free coupons.

allprintablecoupons.com – Click on category, will re-direct you then allow you to print for free.

mambosprouts.com is great for organic food coupons.

coupons.smartsource.com – will ask for a zip code to tailor the coupons to your area. You can check no thanks to bypass.
Click item to be printed and print.

specialoffers.com – The site lists the product, simply click and you will be re-directed to printcoupons.com where you can print. Or you can just go to coupons.com and print from the many food coupons available.


freemania.com – Scroll down to the bottom of the site to the free food days 2010, click link. Local restaurants free offers appear to get things like free ice cream cone, free coffee, or pretzel. Check location for time restrictions. This site wants an e-mail address to get the grocery coupons.

bargainbuddy.com – scroll down to freebies on the right hand side about (2/3 of the way down), click freebies, check out listings for free trials of products like Soooo Sweet Sweetener, Better Oats, Ritz Crackers (through your Facebook account for Ritz). Check this site a few times a week as new things are constantly being added.

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