Where Can I Get Internet Grocery Coupons?


How many times have you walked in the doors of the grocery store, only to remember the centerfold full of coupons that you left at home? Then, you remember that it takes about an hour to cut all the coupons out of the paper, organize them, and choose the ones you need. What if there were a simpler way?

Internet grocery coupons are the answer to this conundrum. In this age of uber-connection, you can use the Internet to save money on your groceries in three different ways.

1) Vendor Site

If you know that you enjoy a certain brand of pasta, potato chip, prepackaged meat, or any other grocery product, you can get coupons directly from the manufacturer. Most vendor sites have a section that allows you to download coupons for their products. Oftentimes, you have to sign up for a newsletter, or sign up for a profile on the website so the vendor can make sure that you don’t get more coupons than you can use. As long as you don’t mind the additional emails reminding you of your favorite brands, this can be extremely useful. Corporate newsletters, far from simply being product pitches, have transformed into tools for what is known as customer relationship management.

Put simply, that means that vendors want to make sure that you’re happy with the relationship you share with them. Therefore, as long as you maintain your profile and keep your subscription to their newsletter, you will receive free coupons for both old and new coupons, completely free of charge.

Pros: Completely free. Targeted to what you know you want. Great for buying online. Cons: Poor selection. Have to check email daily to get the maximum benefit.

2) Coupon Site

In addition to vendor sites, there are also general websites devoted to the purchase of coupons in bulk. Oftentimes you simply sign up for a low monthly fee, which websites promise you will be able to make up with your savings in coupons. Some sites are completely free to sign up, but they might not provide as wide a selection of coupons. There are tens of general coupon sites scattered over the Internet, and depending on your finances, you may choose one over another. Some sites only focus on particular stores or types of product, so you need to do some research before you find the sort of site that fits your needs perfectly. Once you do, you have a lot greater selection than at a vendor site, and you learn about all the latest products that you might want or need.

These coupon sites don’t sell actual paper coupons, like the vendor sites described above. They go through all the free promotional codes available on the Internet and make the codes available for use from the site. If you want to use them for purchase in the real world, you have to print out the coupon and bring it into the store.

Pros: Most varied selection. Learn about new products. Great for online purchase. Cons: Some sites cost money. Takes awhile to find the right coupon site for you.

3) Ebay/Auction site

The final way to get coupons is through Ebay or another online auction site. You can buy coupons in bulk for less than they’re worth in savings, then make up the money by using the coupon to purchase something. It’s important to note that this is the only option you have if you want to buy coupons in bulk. This is the only option which offers the actual, tangible coupon as opposed to just an electronic copy of the coupon. How it works is, you pay the person auctioning the coupons off for his or her time, and they send you what you need. As long as you use the coupon, it’s a win-win situation for everybody.

Most of the people selling coupons online are quite serious about it, and take coupons from every newspaper they can find. However, it’s best if you find a coupon vendor who lives in the same general geographic area as you, because the stores across the country are all different and they all sell different products.

Pros: Paper coupons. Buy in bulk. If you find the right auction vendor, it will be super-local and targeted. Cons: Costs the most money. Internet auction sites can be hit-or-miss.

Hopefully that gave you some ideas to help you find places to get Internet grocery coupons. Good luck and happy bargain hunting!

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