Ways to Save on Driving


Driving can be one of the most costly endeavors that any family or individual makes. There are tons of ways that a car and its components can put a hurting on your wallet and your savings. However, there are a lot of ways that you can save on driving by just taking the time to weigh your options.

The Bus

In college, we called this “The B-Word”. The bus or any version of public transportation is never a glamorous option, but it can save. If you’re just running out for groceries and you’re in a hurry, this might not be the best option for you, but if you have a day full of nothing and you want to just walk around the mall, take the bus. A bus fair is a very cheap alternative to fuel costs and will get you thinking. Do all of your errands and light shopping while you’re on a single trip. Invest in a buss pass and you’ll find yourself using public transportation more often than you think.

Planning Ahead

Think about everything that you need to do in one day. Typical errands like grocery shopping, going to the bank, and grabbing some lunch can easily be planned to all fit in one trip. Pick a destination that is best for all of the errands that you need to run. Driving to the local grocery store and then heading all the way across town to the bank will waste gas. Pick a grocery store closer to the bank and you’ll find your fuel lasting a lot longer.

Regular Maintenance

Performing regular maintenance on your car is one of the best ways to save money on driving. When you change your oil, check your brake pads, and make sure that your fluids are topped off, you are ensuring that your car will run smoother for longer. Car repairs are not the most inexpensive for any make or model so be sure that you are keeping your vehicle in top shape. Check your tire pressure regularly and spring for insurance when you are buying new tires. Also ask about free tire rotation from your dealer, as a lot of stores will offer this.

Don’t Buy Into Cheaper Gas

One of the strangest things I’ve ever heard is of people driving out of their way for a cheaper rate on gas. For the most part, you will save a dollar per fill up when you are comparing gas prices. This dollar is usually not worth the time or the gas that it took to get to the station offering the discounted rate. If you have a gas station right around the corner from your home, use it. Driving all over town for the best gas price can be detrimental on your wallet and give an opportunity for major wear and tear on your vehicle.

Drive The Speed Limit

A really great way to save money when driving is to drive the speed limit. When you’re driving at a higher speed, you’re burning up more gas. When you drive the speed limit or a little bit under, you are saving money and wear and tear on your car. This will also ensure that you don’t get any tickets. Tickets will increase your insurance rate for the next couple of years and lose you a lot of money in the long run. If your car offers cruise control, you should definitely be using it. Cruise control will limit your acceleration speeds and keep a constant flow on the work that is being done throughout your engine.

Saving money while driving doesn’t have to be hard. If you have a good public transportation system, use it. If you aren’t doing regular maintenance on your car, you need to start. Drive the speed limit and revoke the chances of getting any tickets or points on your license. These are things that we think about but never do. Use these tips and you will definitely see more cash in your bank account at the end of the month.

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