Ways Criminals Now Steal Your Credit Card Data and Information


Identity thieves have been stealing credit card information for as long as credit cards have been around. While identity theft is nothing new, some of the ways that thieves are stealing your information have changed. With advancements in technology, identity thieves are able to target you quicker and easier than ever before. If you’re going to prevent someone from stealing your credit card or other financial information, you have to be aware of some of the ways that they can do it.

Cell Phone Hacking

In today’s society, almost everyone has a smart phone that they can use to access the Internet. If you regularly use your cell phone to get online, you could be at risk of having your information stolen from an identity thief. With certain hacking strategies, identity thieves can hack into your cell phone and see what you’re doing on your screen. If you happen to use your credit card to make a purchase from your phone, the hacker can get that information. All they need is a laptop and a wireless connection to hack into your cell phone. Once the hacker has your information, he can use it to buy anything he wants, up to your credit limit.

ATM Skimming

Another strategy that scam artists use to get your credit card or other financial information is ATM skimming. With this strategy, an identity thief uses technology to steal your credit card or debit card information when you put your card into an ATM. For example, an identity thief may set up a very small camera near the ATM that can zoom in on the credit card numbers.

Another way that they can get your information is to insert a fake card slot into the machine. When you put your card into the ATM, the device that the scam artist put into the machine reads your card. Then the scam artist comes along and takes the reader back out of the ATM. At that point, he has all of your credit card information from the front and back of the card.


Phishing is another technique that identity thieves use to try to get your credit card information. With this scam, the identity thief creates an email message that looks like it is from a trusted company. For example, he might craft an email that looks like it is from your credit card company and then sends it to you. In the email, the scam artist may claim that he needs to verify your account information. Once you respond to the e-mail with your credit card number, the thief has what he needs.


Spoofing is a similar technique that identity thieves have started using, which involves making fraudulent phone calls. With this option, the identity thief uses technology that allows him to call you and display an incorrect number on your caller ID. For example, the identity thief can make it look like your bank or credit card company is calling you. Then he can pretend to be a representative of the company calling to verify your account information. This has taken advantage of many people in recent years.


Regardless of the methods that identity thieves use, you can still safeguard your financial information by taking the proper precautions. Always be cautious about where you share your financial information. If you are going to buy something online, make sure that you are on a secure and trusted site. If you have to make a purchase with your credit or debit card in person, don’t let it out of your site. By using some common sense, you can avoid many of these issues.

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