Top Ten Cheap or Free Ways to Get Coupons


Using coupons wisely saves money, and who doesn’t want to save money? The tricky part is getting coupons without spending a lot of money. Here are the top ten cheap or free ways to get coupons.

1. Buy a Sunday newspaper. Most Sunday papers still contain coupon inserts every week, but purchasing the Sunday edition at the grocery store isn’t always the most economical way to get coupons. It isn’t a bad way to go, if you only need a few coupons a week. However, the serious coupon user will soon discover that he or she needs to find a cheaper method, especially for building stockpiles. Stockpiling enough items to last until the next sale is what helps you save the most money with coupons.

2. Buy a Saturday Paper. Some newspaper companies have started offering coupon inserts in the Saturday editions, and the Saturday paper is usually less expensive than Sunday’s edition.

3. Buy a Newspaper Subscription. Newspapers will often offer a reduced rate for a Sunday-only home subscription. This reduced rate could be low enough to make it worth buying several subscriptions. Check out newspapers in other nearby cities as well. You might live close enough to get a home subscription. Those papers may not cost as much, or they may offer better coupons, saving you more money either way.

4. Find some free papers. There is always the option of dumpster diving to find free newspapers, but you might be afraid of getting in trouble or getting hurt doing that. Read on for safer methods.

5. Visit coffee shops, gyms, and fast food restaurants. Many times a thoughtful soul will read their Sunday morning paper and casually leave it on the table for the next customer, inserts and all.

6. Make friends with the front-desk clerk at the local hotel. Hotels sometimes provide complimentary newspapers for their guests. Ask the clerk if you can have any extra copies they might have.

7. Set out a box at church or a mom’s group for people to put in extra coupons they won’t use.

8. Print online coupons. Coupon users can find most of the insert coupons online and print them straight from a home computer. Some manufacturers may have limits concerning how many of each coupon you are allowed to print, and they can track the number printed through the computer’s IP address. If you find a coupon that you need a lot of, you could ask your friends and relatives to print more out for you.

9. Use a low-cost clipping service. This is probably one of the best ways to quickly get a large number of the coupons you really want, and there are many clipping services available online. To make the most of these services, you will want to prepare ahead and carefully strategize your coupon shopping ventures. Order coupons as quickly as you can, and only order what you will be sure to use. When ordering from a clipping service, expect to pay approximately 10% of a coupon’s face value, plus a minimal fee for shipping. Technically, it is illegal to buy and sell coupons. Most sellers circumvent the law by stating that they charge for time spent collecting coupons for their buyers instead of charging for the actual coupons.

10. Join a Coupon Trading Club. This is a fun way to make friends while garnering more coupons. Members typically trade coupons they do not want for the coupons they need. Exchanges occur through straight-up trading one-on-one, or through games and contests between the members. A coupon club is also a great place to learn neat tips and tricks to save the most money using coupons. There are quite a few coupon trading clubs online that are always looking for new members.

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