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Coupons have been a marketing scheme since 1887, when Coca Cola issued the nation’s first coupons for their soft drinks. Originally, coupons were only distributed through the mail to potential customers. The issuing of coupons brought in so much business that new avenues were sought to reach more potential customers. Soon coupons started getting their own pages in magazines and newspapers. Coupons can also be found in the stores themselves, and also on the internet. With the current means of communication revolving around mobile devices, coupons can be sent to phones and other handheld computers.

With so many different methods of distribution, it was only a matter of time until coupons became the target of fraud. It was because of this that many retailers now have their own method of checking coupons. Many coupons now have bar codes or serial numbers on them that can be scanned. Not only does this verify the validity of the coupon, but it also makes it easier for the retailer to apply the discount to your purchases. With the new automation of the discount process, redeeming coupons has never been so easy.

With the current economical times being as poor as they are, coupons can often be an overlooked method for saving some cash. Many stores do not have a limit as to how many coupons you can redeem at checkout, however, you cannot use the same coupon twice. The first step in efficient use of discount coupons is to find a source of coupons. Often these sources will be renewed weekly, or even daily. If you find a good source, finding the coupons will not be an issue. The easiest venue to obtain coupons is the newspaper. Newspaper subscriptions are cheaper than magazine subscriptions, and often contain coupons for local retailers. Through this method you can support local small business while still saving money.

Magazines often contain coupons for the larger retailers. These coupons often feature bigger discounts and are more numerous. If you can afford the subscriptions, magazine coupons can lead to bigger savings than those offered through the newspaper. This is where the efficient use of coupons comes into play. If you can save more money by paying less for the paper, then that is best for you. If you can realistically afford magazine subscriptions, then it would be best to pursue that avenue. You will want to do some research to find out which magazines contain coupons that can be used where you normally shop at. Most of this information can be found on the internet.

To go along with newspapers and magazines, you can also get your coupons on the internet. These coupons do not require any subscriptions, although they are less numerous, and located in several different areas. Internet coupons are found on the manufacturer’s website, and can be printed out and used at any retail store selling their merchandise. If all of these avenues are utilized effectively, then one can expect to save hundreds of dollars over the course of a year. Efficient use of coupons revolves around spending the money you save on other necessities. Although the saving might seem minimal at first, it is key to use coupons every time you go to the store. As the months go by, you will begin to notice a modest difference in savings.

A more modern method of saving with coupons is to have them sent to your mobile device the instant they become available. This will make it easier to remember certain coupons, as they will be sent to you and stored on your phone. These coupons can then be printed and taken to the retailer. Using coupons has never been easier, and it never hurts to save money. Coupons can be looked upon as free money, and if you utilize all of these venues, then that money adds up. The savings are even bigger for families that need to do shopping every week. A single coupon can seem nominal and not worth the effort, but when coupled with hundreds of others, the savings will add up in a hurry. Efficiency with coupons revolves around determining the best method for you, and then following through and continuing to pursue those venues and make the effort to use discount coupons.

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