The Best Passive Income Opportunities


Until recently, passive income opportunities were limited to the brick and mortar world. A real estate mogul could sit back and collect big bucks each month in rent. A network marketing executive could earn money from his downline while sleeping. Before the Internet, setting yourself up to earn a passive income required an investment; sometimes, a hefty one. However, with all of the opportunities the Internet brings to earn revenue, you can set yourself up to earn a passive income without a hefty investment.

What exactly is passive income? It is income derived from work you have already done. For example, a landlord that has already bought a building and gone through the steps to rent it out earns passive income, especially if he has someone else running the building. Individuals who create a product and make money every time the product sells earn passive income. There are various opportunities to earn passive income over the Internet without having to invest a great deal of money. In fact, many Internet entrepreneurs have gotten started without spending a dime of their own money.

Writing is a popular way to earn passive income online. If you like to write, you can post articles at revenue sharing sites and keep earning money from the articles on a monthly basis. Some of these sites also pay upfront payments; however, most of them share ad revenue with writers. It can take a long time and a lot of writing to build up a decent amount of income each month, but it is a great way to earn from work you have previously completed.

Affiliate marketing is perhaps the most popular way to earn a passive income online. Affiliate marketing involves promoting and selling products and services that other companies and individuals have created. You can promote them on your own website and each time you make a sale, you will earn commissions. While it takes quite a bit of work to set up an affiliate marketing empire, you can set it up in such a way that it will literally run itself for months at a time.

Some entrepreneurs combine affiliate marketing with blogging in order to earn passive income. They will set up blogs in various niches and then incorporate one or more products that blog readers can purchase. They may write all of their blog posts ahead of time or within a short period of time and then have the blog posts auto scheduled to run on certain dates. This way, the blog is automatically updated on a continuous basis, yet you don’t have to be directly involved.

Many blogs can be set up to run for 6 months at a time like this. While older blogs are running on their own, you can be creating new blogs. After a while, you will have a number of blogs that are earning money while you are sleeping. While this sounds like a great way to make money online, make no mistake, it is a lot of hard work to get to this point.

Many savvy Internet marketers have put together ebooks and systems on how to teach people to make a passive income online. They make it sound like you don’t have to do anything, yet you will make a bundle while you sleep. It really doesn’t work this way. You can spend a bundle on fool-proof systems, yet still earn little or no money. The fact is that setting yourself up to earn a passive income takes time and hard work. Anyone who tells you differently is not telling you the truth. However, it can be done, and it is a great way to build stability for your future. Just realize that you will need to have an income stream while you are building passive income.

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