Six Ways to Reduce Your Fuel Costs


In a tight economy, nearly everyone is looking for ways to save money. One of the biggest expenses any family has is the amount of money spent on gas. Due to how expensive gas is, the average family with two vehicles can expect to spend nearly $4,000 a year on it. That is certainly money that could be spent else where. You may be trying to think of ways to cut down on the amount of gas you use. To help teach you how to save money on fuel costs, here are six great tips.

1. Telecommute

It is a fact that most gas is burned while people commute to and from work. If these commutes could be eliminated, most of a family’s yearly gas bill would be gone. However, not everyone can telecommute. Discuss the option with your employer. Certain employers may let you perform your work from home for a certain number of days a week. There is also the possibility of seeking a new job that is completely done at home either over the phone or the internet. If it pays as well as your current job, this may be a good lifestyle change that could save you money.

2. Organize a Carpool

Organizing a carpool may seem like a clichéd idea, but it is one that is tried, tested, and proven to work. If you do have to commute to work every day, you should perhaps discuss with a co-worker the possibility of taking the same vehicle to work. If you both pay half the gas bill, this will eliminate the money spent on gas by both by half. Over a year, this can really add up.

3. Try to Lighten Your Load

What you may not be aware of is the fact that extra weight in your car or truck could be taking a beating on your vehicle’s gas mileage. One hundred pounds of weight is likely to lower the gas mileage of a car or truck by a whopping two percent. If you’re in a car, check your trunk. Chances are you will want to keep your spare tire and emergency supplies. However, if there’s anything else in there you do not really need right now, get rid of it. Do the same for your truck. If there’s no purpose to hauling heavy materials and tools to every where you drive, put those items in your garage.

4. Drive Less Aggressively

You may feel like you’re a real tough guy on the road who can not be messed with. Unfortunately, all that aggressive driving may actually be taking a pounding on your gas mileage. Jamming your foot down on the gas for a rapid acceleration will cost you extra gas. Similarly, jamming on the break for a sudden stop will do the same. Instead of constantly ticking up your speed gage, try using your cruise control. Avoiding aggressive driving behaviors like these will save you plenty of gas money. It will also save you money from potential accidents and tickets you are likely to rack up.

5. Keep Your Tires Properly Inflated

This is another thing you have probably heard before that you may have not taken very seriously. Unlike what you may have assumed, it is indeed true that keeping your tires properly inflated can save you a bundle of cash on gas each year. If they are kept properly inflated, this can improve your gas mileage by as much as three percent.

6. Drive Less

This may seem like the most obvious suggestion, but it was one you should take to heart. Only drive when you need to. This includes going to work, school, or a certain number of social outings. If you love driving for fun, get a new hobby. If you have a habit of driving to town in the middle of the night for a late night snack, start stocking up your fridge or go on a diet.

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