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Admit it, times are tough and money is tighter than ever. It’s no surprise that with the country in an economic downturn that people are finding new and creative ways to save money, and in some cases help others save money. Everyone remembers that friend or relative that prepared for Sunday battle with the newspaper grocery store circulars armed with their weapon of choice, scissors, and a keen eye for even the smallest price change in products. Fortunately, saving money isn’t as time consuming as it used to be. While there are still great deals to be found in your local newspaper, there are some really amazing deals and sites that can be found on the internet that produce printable coupons.

Coupons have been around for a long time but until recently, most coupons were found in the stores or in newspapers and magazines. As the economy took a slump, companies sought more efficient ways to do just about everything and along came the idea of printable coupons. Until recently, the cost of the printing materials had been entirely absorbed by the publisher or the manufacturer of the coupon. With printable coupons, companies can essentially shovel that expense of on to the consumer. While at first glance one might think it’s just another thing the little guy has to pay for, but for the individual consumer, the cost is extremely low and in most cases not noticeable. Another advantage for coupon publishers with this method is the ease of distribution and the ability to produce new coupons and promotions extremely quick, which is great news for the consumer.

So how do printable coupons work? They work exactly the same as traditional coupons. They all have barcodes and product identifiers that correspond to items the same as a traditional coupon. The only difference is the consumer prints the coupon on their own, rather than finding them through traditionally printed mediums. Coupons, in general, are accepted at the discretion of individual retailers. However, there have been no major issues over the acceptance of printed coupons and in most cases the retailers don’t even know the difference.

So now that I know what they are, where can I find them? Printable coupons are just about everywhere. Popular search engines like Google reveal hundreds of sites with printable coupons. In some cases publishers will only allow individual users to print out a certain amount of coupons per day but this isn’t always the case. Coupons can also be found on the individual manufactures’ web sites. Try searching for your favorite product’s website and chances are they’ll have coupons. It’s easy, simple and best of all, it saves a noticeable amount of money. It’s not uncommon for shoppers to find ways to reduce their grocery bills by as much as 30 percent with very minimal effort.

Like most things, planning can be the biggest money and time saving practice. Try to match up with coupons that are available with a grocery plan for the week and watch the savings rise even higher. Some stores even produce their own coupons which can be doubled with manufacture coupons for even higher savings. Just remember to take the time to properly plan for the shopping trip. So, load up on paper and patience and let the savings begin.

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