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In the midst of an economic meltdown the attitudes of a nation and its people can change quite quickly. Americans have been known as wasters for decades. We waste our natural resources, we waste our time playing video games, and we waste our money on things we don’t need. Most of the reason that we have wasted out money is because we have had plenty of it! In a capitalist nation that is always on the move, we cannot help but fall in to the trap of consumerism. We want what we can’t have, end of story. At least, we wanted what we couldn’t have…

How the meltdown has changed the consumer’s perspective:

It was not too long ago that Americans always believed that there was something bigger and better out there for them. The American dream had transformed over the decades from hoping one day to own a house and have three kids to needing a huge house, a vacation house and a Range Rover for each one of your kids. It was cool to have everything, and we saw it every day from our TV shows and magazines.

Since the turn of the economy the average American has changed their perspective quite a bit. We are not longer thinking about wasting our money on a gas guzzler and diamond chains. We are too busy making sure that we are making sound decisions with our money to guarantee that we will be able to retire! It is now more cool to be responsible, and the American dream is no longer to own a home with all the goodies that come with it, but instead it is to just not lose your home.

How are consumers becoming more responsible with their every day finances?

A big key to being on top of your finances and making good decisions is to be organized. With the technology that we have today it should be rather easy to do. You can access all of your bank accounts and loan and credit cards online. You can pay all of your bills online. You can even set up personalized budgets online.

Using software to set up personalized budgets is a great way to not only get on top of your finance, but to ultimately save money. It helps you trim the fat where fat can be trimmed and apply that money in other, more productive areas. Most of us really don’t pay attention to how much money we spend at restaurants every month or how much we spent at the mall the past weekend. We see the credit card bill, we say ‘darn’, and then we pay what we can.

Budgeting software helps consumers understand how much money is wasted. There is no ignoring it when you log on to your personal site. It automatically loads up all of your accounts every time you log on and creates a single transaction history for you, labeling every purchase as a certain spending category. From here you can see pie charts and graphs showing how much of your money goes to certain spending categories.

After you do a little analysis on how much money is wasted at the local pub you can set budgets for yourself. You know that ‘X’ amount of dollars are coming in every month. You want to save ‘Y’ amount of dollars every month. You can easily see that by cutting out one night a week at the Pub will let you make up that difference! It is that simple to see where you can cut back in your life.

Give budgeting software a chance. It is a great way to stay on top of your game so you can be prepared for the future. Remember, a dollar saved is a dollar earned!

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