Personal Finance Tips for New Parents


Did you know that the average new parent spends close to $10,000 during their pregnancy period and the first year of their child’s life? With that kind of cash, you could take a few trips around the globe. Let’s not forget you won’t be stressed out hearing a crying baby at 2 a.m. All kidding aside, a child can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be if you know how to budget your money. While that $10,000 number is relatively high, it can be lowered by at least 50 percent if you carry out these cost saving tips:

Car Seat

Don’t settle for an infant car seat. The problem with this kind of car seat is that a baby will outgrow it very fast. Consider purchasing a convertible car seat as these car seats can carry children up to 40 pounds while an infant seat can only hold infants weighing less than 15 to 20 pounds. As the baby grows, the seat can adjust to their weight. This alone can save you the trouble of purchasing two to three car seats through your child’s life.

Baby Food

10 jars of baby food at your local grocery store can easily set you back a quick $10. Since jarred baby food isn’t something that is too edible, why not create your own? Creating your own baby food is not only healthier, it’s extremely easy to make. In fact, it’s so easy, all you really need are a few vegetables, fruits and a blender. Yes, it’s that simple.


If possible, try your hardest to breastfeed your child. Formula is by far the most expensive part of raising a baby under the age of one. Yes, many moms have troubles with doing this, but remember that a breast pump can help tremendously. Each time you breastfeed, just think of the dollar bills you’re saving. Breastfeeding for the year can easily save your family more than $1,500!


Take a look at any baby furniture at your big box baby stores. A complete set can cost over $600! The average baby will only use this silly set for two years. Why purchase a nice cherry mahogany chest, crib and diaper changing station? Instead, opt for purchasing a slightly used set either online or at a local mom to mom sale. Skip the diaper changing station as this can be done on a pad on top of a smaller dresser.


Most babies under the age of one can only wear an outfit once or twice before they outgrow it. While that $30 name brand outfit at your local mall looks cute, don’t waste the money. Again, either purchase slightly used clothes at mom to mom sales, garage sales or even the local thrift shop. Better yet, if you have family or friends that had a child in the past, ask them if you can borrow a bag of clothes. The last thing that you want is to see your child chuck their pureed bananas all over your beautiful $40 dress you bought them. Remember, your baby isn’t a fashion statement.


Ah, diapers. While it would be awesome to have a potty trained baby, it’s hard to spend money on something that is treated as a portable toilet. Since there is no way around diapers, consider purchasing them in bulk from local warehouse clubs. Don’t have a membership to one? Consider purchasing online through subscription packages. Each way can save you 20 percent on your bill each time you make a purchase. Don’t forget to check for coupons too because many brands do have them.

We all know that a baby will cost a lot of money. If you take some time to become creative and use a few of the tips mentioned above, you can laugh at all the experts that claim you’re going to spend thousands of dollars each month.

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