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What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word recycle? I’ll bet money wasn’t the first thing you thought of! With everyone going green, most people would first think of reducing trash and helping the earth stay clean. Of course, recycling does reduce trash and help keep the earth clean but, you can also make some extra money by recycling.

Many states charge a bottle deposit when you buy anything that comes in cans, plastic bottles or glass bottles. It is included in the purchase price and most people won’t even realize it. Therefore, they don’t save these bottles or cans and redeem them for cash later. Five cents a can/bottle may not seem like much but it can add up fast! So, in order to make money, you may need to check with friends or neighbors that don’t recycle and ask them to save their cans and bottles for you. Another way to get these extra nickels is to ride through neighborhoods on trash day and collect stray cans and bottles. You could easily gather enough to turn into a nice profit.

Another way to make money by recycling is to use reusable grocery bags. Many stores are starting to give five cents for each reusable bag that is used. Not only are you saving the earth one bag at a time, but you are getting a small discount on your groceries. Another type of bag to recycle is trash bags. Some cities are starting to charge per bag of trash that they pick up. If you reduce your trash, you reduce your bags and this saves you money each week.

Toner cartridges can also be recycled. Staples offers a three dollar coupon (in store) for each cartridge brought to them. This gives you a discount off your next cartridge. Keep it up and you will always pay three dollars less for a toner cartridge. And, we know those can get expensive!

I bet you never thought of recycling your moving supplies. I am part of the military, so moving has become a way of life for me and my family. Also, pretty much everyone around you and that you associate with is moving every three years as well. The next time you move, save all of your boxes, paper and bubble wrap and either give it to a friend that is moving or post it on a for sale website. You could actually make money off things you were just going to throw away.

Another thing I am sure never entered your mind to recycle is furniture and clothing. Even having a yard sale or donating these items is considered recycling. If you sell them, of course you make money off of them. Even if you donate to good will, you can write it off for a tax deduction. Another way to get rid of that old couch and make money is to take it to a consignment shop. Many consignment shops will sell your items for you and pay you a portion of what it sells for.

An old barn or storage shed might be a lot to handle but if you would like to get rid of it and make some money, try fixing it up a little and selling it as a refurbished structure. Paint, screws and anything else you may need to fix it up doesn’t cost much and you are promoting recycling.

Antiques are a great way to make money if you know where to look. Many owners that get rid of things left by their deceased grandparents or other family members don’t know the value of the items. This could be a nice find for you in an antique shop. Many times, you could turn it around on an internet auction site and make a profit. Starting out, you may get handed a few pieces that aren’t really worth anything, but as you gain experience, you develop an eye for items that are worth more.

Although you are making money from recycling the items that I mentioned above, you are also helping others to see the importance and rewards for recycling. It is a fantastic way to help achieve a cleaner earth and make a little bit of extra money while doing it!

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