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Lowering your grocery bill not only facilitates saving of money but also serves as a factor for good health. Unlike payment for rent or car, grocery bill is something which you can definitely reduce by planning well on what you need to buy every week. Some use coupons; some don’t have to time to clip coupons while the rest don’t have stores that give coupon deals. Though food is the primary importance in life, it is not the only priority. Thus, if you are able to save money by lowering your grocery bill, you can make a better future for your children, or plan a good vacation or even get yourself a better car. Cost cutting measures on your grocery bill doesn’t mean restrictions on eating; it just means pre-planned weekly list of what you are going to buy and how much you are going to save by comparing the previous month’s bill.

As mentioned already, prepare a list of items that you are going to buy. Check it twice and cut down on anything unnecessary for this week. Keep the previous month’s grocery bills and compare it with this month’s. Devote time to meal planning and food bills. This can cut your food expenses up to 50 percent. When you are out shopping make sure you don’t go to more than one store unless you find a better deal in some other store. This is important because groceries have price variations and the store you select should have quality items for a good low price. Keep this in mind; while shopping you should not be on an empty stomach. If you are hungry when shopping, the snacks there are going to drag you into impulse buying, leaving your budget in rubble.

Don’t buy food that you or one of your family members doesn’t like. This is going to result in wastage of food, literally meaning throwing off money. Stick to a vegetarian diet for at least 3 days of the week. This is going to keep you healthy and slash your grocery bill. Buying in bulk for a whole month is effective too. But many don’t prefer this as it gives them a tedious menu. Don’t buy foods that contain too much fat, cholesterol, sodium or starch so that you can be heart-healthy. Buy lots of fruits and green vegetable and cook with the most basic ingredients instead of using processed foods. Try not to take kids with you for shopping. These small cuties are fantastic at adding items.

Grocery stores are for buying groceries alone. If you purchase toiletries there, you are going to lose everything that you attempted to save as these stores sell them at higher prices. Try to use coupons while you shopping and don’t lose the opportunity of shopping on discount stores when they strike savory deals. Concentrated juices are economical.

You now have an estimate on what you need and how you can save by planning beforehand. Don’t be shy to go into discount stores and don’t feel bad for cutting costs. Being frugal is nothing to be embarrassed about.

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