How to Save Money on Your Kids Clothes


We all know the pain of trying to keep children in good clothes. You buy them something nice and bam! They’ve grown again and you’ve got an expensive pile of barely worn clothing! But never fear, here are some tips to keep your child clothed and your wallet a little heavier.

1. Timing and sales. Buying clothing at the end of the season is an easy way to get clothes as much as 75% off. A $20 dollar shirt at the end of Fall can be as low as $5. Or even lower, if you find the right store. And always look at the sales rack for the best deals on new clothes. If there is a certain store you shop at frequently, consider getting any cards they may offer. A credit card through them may earn you a percentage off your purchases when you sign up or even valuable cash back.

2. Playclothes vs Good clothes. Your parents’ parents knew this. Some clothes are for having fun and some clothes are for school. Have your children change once they get home to keep their nicer clothes nicer longer. And don’t forget to treat stains quickly. It’s all about maximizing the clothing you have already bought.

3. Alterations. Kids grow out of their clothes, it’s inevitable. You can stretch out that time period before buying new clothing, however, especially for girls. Turn pants into kapris, alter the tops of skirts so they are longer, add cute frills at the end of a dress to make up for her growing height.

4. Buy from thrift stores. Once upon a time buying your clothing from thrift stores was looked down upon, but those days have gone and now everyone is reaping the benefits. It saves money, it saves perfectly good clothes from going into the trash, and it’s a great way to find unique items. Shop in the well to do areas of your town for higher quality clothing. And this counts for kid’s furniture and items for you, not just clothing. You can save literally hundreds of dollars on just a handful of like new items.

5. Buy at specialty shops. There are places that cater specifically to parents looking for nice, gently used clothing for their kids. Places like Children’s Orchard, Once Upon A Child, and only sell quality items for children and can be a great resource in buying for your child.

6. Only buy what you need. It seems obvious enough, but you will be surprised at how many items you can buy that end up not being used. A good way to avoid this is to have outfits. Make sure every clothing item you buy has something to be worn with, or else it may not be worn at all. This also makes for easy mornings. Just grab an outfit and go! Keeping track of your children’s clothes like this also means you are aware of when they are going to need something new sooner. That means proper time to find an affordable replacement.

7. Friends and other parents. Do you have friends or neighbors with older children? Utilize that. They may be willing to pass off gently worn clothing that no longer fits them. This way they don’t need to deal with disposing of them, either. Do the same with hand me downs in the family. An excellent idea that isn’t uncommon is to form groups of parents in the area to swap kids clothes. Look around, your town may already have one.

8. Sell your gently used clothes at garage sales or consignment shops. Consignment shops will hold your clothes for you and give you a cash, check, or credit if they sell. Get a group of other people and hold a monthly or yearly garage sale. You won’t make the money you spent, but you will earn a good portion with which to buy your child’s next set of clothes.

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