How to Save Money on Water


If you have an outrageous water bill every month, you aren’t alone. Water costs have been rising, and many people are looking for simple yet effective ways to begin saving money on their utility costs. There are some simple solutions to saving money on water, so you can save without a lot of sacrifice.

Look for Alternatives

If you are in a rural area, you may want to consider using alternative for watering your lawn and garden. For example, there are several rainwater collection kits available that you can set up for outdoor use. You can also consider grabbing a barrel and letting it fill with rainwater. Remember that this water isn’t safe for drinking, however. Also, check your local laws. Some states have restricted gathering rainwater, so you may not be able to use this method to water your garden.

Your appliances may also be partially to blame for high water costs. Low flow toilets and shower heads, and energy efficient front loading washers are your best bet when you want to save money on water. You may not want to give up your powerful shower head, but this simple change can save you hundreds of dollars a year so it is well worth the reduced water pressure to make the switch.

One of the most dramatic examples is switching from a top loading washing machine, which uses approximately forty to fifty gallons of water per load, to a front loading machine that uses about ten gallons of water per load. With changes like this, you can see savings immediately on your water costs.

Reducing Water Usage

We aren’t suggesting that you stop showering, but it is important to use less water when you want to save money. Try setting a timer to reduce the amount of time that you are in the shower, and take a few seconds to turn the water off while you brush your teeth. Simple things really can make a difference, such as only washing dishes or clothes when you have a full load ready. In fact, you can reduce your water costs by up to a fourth simply by turning the water off a few minutes before you usually would.

Check for Leaks

Leaks, even small leaks, can cause massive water damage to your home and can cost thousands of dollars over time. An annual check-up by the plumber of your choice can identify potential and existing problems with your existing water system, and repair them before any real damage takes place. You may also want to consider using the dye test to check your toilet for leaks, as well.

To perform the dye test, simply put a few drops of food coloring in the tank of your toilet. Wait for an hour or so, then check the water in the bowl to see if any of the coloring has leaked. If you see coloring, then you have a leak that is costing you money every single day. A toilet repair kit is just a few dollars, and can save you money on your water costs instantly.

You may not even notice any leaks before damage has occurred. Some leaks occur underground, and can only be identified by a plumber with the right equipment. You are responsible for all leaks that occur from the water main to your home, as well, so make sure those pipes are also checked for leaks at your annual home maintenance appointment.

Tankless Hot Water Heaters

If you are stuck standing at the sink or shower waiting for five minutes to get hot water, then you may want to consider using a tankless hot water heater. A tankless hot water heater heats water instantly as it moves through the pipes, reducing the amount of time spent running water and waiting for the hot water to reach you. These tanks can save water costs, but will also save in energy costs since the hot water heater doesn’t turn on until it is being used.

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