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Looking at ones monthly electricity bill has never been a fun task. It seems that it has become even less enjoyable over the past few years because of the rise in energy costs. This is partly due to the current economic conditions in which we live. As the economy goes down prices go up. Electricity charges are no exception. Can anything be done to combat the ever-climbing rates? Is there anything that the average American can do to help in this process?

Fortunately, there are some easy and quick ways to slash our bills! The first, and perhaps the most simple, is to take a serious look at our own lifestyle. Are we using an unnecessary amount of electricity day to day? Are we leaving lights on in unoccupied rooms perhaps? Do we leave the coffee pot plugged in all day even though it is not being used? Simple little things like this could be making a big dent in your meter every month!

Make sure that all unused appliances, cell chargers, and other items of the like are removed from power sources when not in use. These things use up to 10% of your electricity usage and generate an extreme amount of heat. If you do not feel like running around and unplugging everything before you leave the house then attach the most used appliances to a power strip. Flip the switch off and you will save a lot of hard-earned cash!

If you live in a warm climate and are in need of air conditioners make sure that the cold air is not seeping through any cracks in your home. If you are losing all of that cool air then the air conditioner has to work twice as hard to regulate the temperature. If it is not too hot, consider using a ceiling fan to cool off the house. This will usually lower the temperature by at least a couple of degrees and save you a bundle in electric costs.

Using energy efficient light bulbs is an excellent way to save on your electric bills. It is so easy to do and will only take about a half hour to change every bulb in your home. Just one little bulb can save over $40.00 of electricity in its lifespan and uses a staggering 75% less energy and heat than your standard bulb! That is money in your pocket!

If you are able to shop around for different energy providers this is a very good option. Some people may even save as much as 15% off their monthly charges by doing this. Try to find a provider that uses renewable energy sources. They will normally have lower prices because they do not depend on the economy as much as the bigger companies do.

There are ways to cut our electric bills down. With a little energy and ingenuity, you can be one of the millions saving money every month!

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