How To Develop A Millionaire’s Mindset


It is not possible to create prosperity without an underpinning of positive beliefs about yourself and money. Here are some of the beliefs that may need adjustment:

• Money doesn’t grow on trees.
• Money is the root of all evil.
• Rich people cannot be good people, too.
• If I become rich, I’ll end up all alone in my mansion counting my money.

In fact, constructive beliefs are the exact opposite of these.

• Since money is merely an exchange medium, and it is exchanged for energy, it is as common as air.
• Money is like power. It is what you do with it that counts. If you give value for the money you receive, it is a conduit of good.
• Many wealthy people spend a good part of their fortunes helping others.
• Successful individuals recognize the importance of the team effort in building and maintaining their wealth. They rely on a community of trusted advisors and partners to help them along the way.

Creating a millionaire mindset is all about attitude, beliefs and some key behaviors.

Let’s talk about goals for a moment. It is easier to create wealth when you know why you are doing it. And visualizing the end result (security, travel, community standing) helps you to fulfill your objectives.

Goals and incentives tends to fall into one of two areas—fears and desires. If we fear becoming homeless for example, that will incentivize some people to do everything in their power to achieve the opposite. This is confirmed by motivational expert Anthony Robbins, who tells us: “People will do more to avoid pain than they will do to gain pleasure.”

On the other hand, the anticipation of joy and leisure drives some people to become high achievers. Just be sure that you have a balance of carrots and sticks in your motivational arsenal, or you could become overwhelmed by your fears.

Money in and of itself is worthless; it is only when we use it toward something that we really want that it becomes dynamic and useful. So your next millionaire mindset tool is to form positive associations with money and all that it represents for you personally. Becoming a millionaire is partly about feeling good about the process and what you will spend your masses of wealth on.

Make vision boards (collages that represent your dreams), start that retirement savings account or pick up those Hawaii brochures. The more concrete your vision, the more likely you are to achieve it.

Personal awareness is a valuable tool in your kit. Be aware of your limiting beliefs (as mentioned above), and work to eliminate them. Blast those roadblocks out of your way! Get rid of those piles of paper! Your mind, surroundings and spirit need to be clear in order to become prosperous.

The ability to focus and prioritize is a key trait of millionaires. Imagine a laser beam pointed straight at your goal. Write it down! You will benefit by seeing opportunities that were invisible before, and you will take the most direct route to your goals.

In conclusion, some feel that entrepreneurship and investing are more likely to build wealth than a salaried job. Choose a field in which you already have knowledge, and that you enjoy exploring. Do what you love and the money will follow.

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