How to Cut Expenses Without a Budget


Cutting costs around the home is something that everybody would like do. When you sit down and look at your monthly expenses, you might be in for an eye opener. A lot of bills that come through the mail are for little things that you don’t even think about. A general thinking among people is “Oh, well, it’s only ten bucks a month”. This is very common and people usually don’t even use the service they’re paying for. Here are some great ways to cut the costs of living without making out a budge.

Cable, Internet, And Telephones

When you sit down with your monthly cable and internet bills, look at what you can change. For instance, are you currently renting a wireless router from your service provider? Internet companies make a ton of money off of people renting equipment from them. Instead of spending ten dollars a month on a wireless router, go out and buy one for forty dollars. You could save even more by purchasing one online or through a discount retailer. If you purchase one, you could save fifty to one hundred dollars a year. Do you really need all of those cable channels? Do you use your DVR? If not, then cut your costs by just going to basic cable. You can even bundle all of these together to save even more money on the bills.


Are you changing light bulbs in your home every couple of months? Upgrade the light bulbs in your house to efficiency bulbs. These bulbs will not only save you money on the cost of new ones, they will use less electricity and save you money on the bills. High efficiency light bulbs are a little more expensive, but they will last for up to six years.

Planning Your Meals

Cutting some of the frivolous spending from your household can be achieved with planning your meals. A lot of people waste a lot of money on eating out. When you plan your meals, you can have a plan set forth for grocery shopping and you eliminate the chances of eating out as often as you would. Grabbing something from the dollar menu on a whim tosses money right out of your pocket. Start on Sunday and plan out each meal during the week.


Car insurance, homeowners insurance, or renter’s insurance can each be costly each month. You can easily save some money by shopping around for your policy. Just because you currently have a great rate doesn’t mean that there aren’t better ones out there. If you haven’t had any traffic violations in the last year or so, call your car insurance company and see if you can get your rate down a little bit.

Use A Coupon Book

We all get those money mailers in our mailboxes. They might come every week or every month, but they tend to find themselves in the trashcan very quickly. The next time that you see one in your mailbox, look through it. These coupon books have tons of savings in them. Even if it’s just a dollar off of a product, you can use. Sometimes there are coupons for discounts on pizza or restaurants. Save them and use them the next time you head to the grocery store or out for a bit to eat.

Saving money without a budget sounds like it could be hard or ineffective, but it’s not. Use your money wisely the next time that you head to the grocery store or the hardware store. Buy some efficiency light bulbs and start saving money on your power bill every month. Bundle your Internet, phone, and cable together to save money. Utilize coupon books and shop around for better insurance. We all want to save money and these are some ways to do it without having to write out a budget.

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