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In today’s economy, it’s hard to shop for luxury items such as new clothing. But, we all need new things at times. Adults lose and gain weight; therefore, they are constantly changing out sizes in their closet. Kids grow so fast, it is difficult to keep them in a size for very long. Of course, there are special occasions, team wear during different sporting seasons, beach wear for summer and maybe ski clothes for a vacation up north. Whatever the situation, clothes, shoes and accessories can become expensive. Great places to find great deals at low prices are thrift stores.

Six reasons to shop at thrift stores include:
1. Cheap prices. You can buy five things at a thrift store for the price of one item in a department store.
2. Condition. As much as you hear, many of the things found in a thrift store are in immaculate condition. I have even found things that still have the original price tag attached to it. Middle to Upper-class homes are where most of the items come from. They can afford to toss a barely worn article of clothing to buy the latest trend.
3. Unique. You can find things in a thrift store that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. Unique t-shirts, vintage jewelry and jackets are some of the things to look for if you are looking for something different.
4. Earth Friendly. Thrift stores are environmentally friendly because they are recycling things that other people no longer want. This decreases the demand and production of these items.
5. Supporting Non-Profits. Most thrift stores are using their proceeds to help others whether it’s helping them find jobs, preventing blindness or funding churches.
6. Fun! If you have never been thrift store shopping and you love bargain hunting, you are missing out! For us bargain browsers, finding a pair of designer jeans with the price tag still attached for ten dollars gives us bragging rights. This is especially so if the remaining price tag reads $100; which is possible!

Things that you should buy in thrift stores are jeans, pants, shorts and skirts. Depending on the type of climate you live in or are vacationing to, buy up a few pair of each if the price is right! Denim can wear out quickly if you wear it too often. Sweaters, sweatshirts and fleece are another good investment. Layering your clothes can get expensive if you buy it all new. Buying at a thrift store can save you a lot of money. Coats and jackets are another good cold weather item to buy at a thrift store. Jackets can, many times, run about $100 or more. To find a few good ones for under $20 not only gives you more jackets in case something happens to one, but it also gives you variety and choice.

T-shirts are something you can never have enough of. Everyone has that favorite t-shirt hiding out in your dresser that you wear constantly. Everyone also knows how easily they are worn and develop holes. A brand new t-shirt can run you about $20. If you purchase a few, even just for work, at a thrift store, you can get more for your money. Jewelry, winter accessories and some shoes are other good things to look for.

Things not to buy at a thrift store include walking shoes or boots. Unless they are brand new and fit perfectly, they could be too worn and cause discomfort. Backpacks used for hiking are not good things to buy used either. Some things, like backpacks, need to fit you correctly to make your hike more enjoyable. Stay away from bike helmets. They could have been damaged in an accident and the damage may not be visible. Finally, never buy underwear or socks at a thrift store. Remember, these items are used and you don’t know who they were used by.

Good times to shop at thrift stores are during sales, when they are stocking the store and during the week when everyone else is at work. Remember, if you have never shopped at a thrift store, you must have patience. The items that you are looking for will not jump out at you. You have to dig! Also, remember to be friendly. This could help if you decide to try and barter!

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