Holiday Money Saving Tips During The Recession


The recession has stung most of us out there. Money is tight, and it is hard to think about paying bills let alone preparing for the holidays. But the holidays aren’t going anywhere. That means gifts, travel, decorations, and other expenses. Just because the recession is going on does not mean the holidays won’t be great for you and your family. It just takes some extra effort to save. Here are some tips on saving money for the holidays.

If you are planning to travel during the holidays, consider which days you are traveling. If you need to fly, look for good deals. Be prepared to fly on off days or early mornings to save some moneys. Airlines usually release prices Tuesday night, so that is when they are at their cheapest. If you are flying on Thanksgiving Eve, expect to pay a lot more than if you left the day before. If you can swing it, don’t fly on high traffic days.

When it comes to decorating, be on the lookout for deals. Check Craigslist, EBay, and other websites for people who are selling old decorations. Go to yard sales or flea markets. Keep an eye out for when places have sales. Dollar stores have a lot of great decorations as well. Also, ask friends and family if they have decorations they don’t need. It is very easy to make your house like great for the holidays without having to spend a fortune on decorations. When it comes time to take them down, store them safely so that you can reuse them next year.

Gifts are where a lot of the money saving stress comes from. It is a good idea to start planning as far in advance as possible. That means putting a way a little bit each paycheck so that it doesn’t seem as overwhelming as the holidays approach. Keep your eye out for various sales even in the spring and summer. If you find something you know someone will love in March, but it and put it away. Get the Sunday paper and look over all the ads to see what things might be on sale. Scour the internet to try and find even better deals. If you spread out your shopping, you will find a reduced amount of stress and pressure than if you wait until Thanksgiving to do your holiday shopping.

You should also set a budget for each person you plan to give a gift. Set something reasonable so that you know exactly what you can spend around the holidays. Knowing how much you want to save for the holiday season means you can figure out how much you want to put away during each paycheck. You might also want to consider ways of obtaining extra income. That doesn’t mean you have to get a part time job. You can do product surveys or freelance writing. These are easy ways to generate some extra cash that you can save for the holidays.

As far as other things associated with the holidays, money saving options are everywhere. Instead of buying Christmas cards, consider sending postcards instead. They are easy to make, and cost about half the postage. Try to recycle your wrapping paper, or buy it at a dollar store. There is no need to spend a ton of money on something that people will just tear away. When it comes to dinner, compare prices and don’t be afraid to go to different grocery stores to get everything you need at the best price. If you find a great turkey deal in November, buy it and put it in your freezer.

The key to saving money for the holidays is planning and research. If you know what you can afford to spend, saving will be easy because you have a target amount. If you research the best deals in stores and online, you will maximize the amount you save. If may be a recession, but there are many great ways to save money around the holidays.

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