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Everyone wants to know how to save money in this rough economy and some are finding the easiest way to do it. Not only have they made a budget, they’ve learned to coupon. Whether you are an experienced coupon clipper or just starting, there are many organizational tips that can help you save time and put cash in your wallet. You don’t have to be on “Extreme Couponing” to utilize these tips and be good at it. Staying organized with your coupons is the best way to save the most money and time in the long run.

Buy a Folder or Binder with Pockets

Instead of carrying around a stack of coupons in no particular order, get a binder and organize them by category. Make a category for each kind of coupon you normally clip – Pet Care, Snacks, Dinner, Personal Care, etc. Keeping them organized by category will make them easy to flip through and much more accessible any time you go on an impromptu grocery run.

Organize Coupons By Date

Once you have your coupons organized by kind, organize them by the expiration date. This “first in, first out” method works and will ensure none of your coupons go to waste without you noticing. Then once they do expire, they will be easy to remove so you don’t try and use them past their date.

Store-Specific Coupons

Walgreen, Target, CVS and some other big shopping centers put out weekly coupons for their store specifically. In your binder, make a section of coupons that can only be used in that specific store. That way they are easy to find once you are shopping at that specific location. You don’t have to waste time shopping the aisles looking for specific coupons.

Always Carry Coupons With You

All too often we all go shopping unexpected and without your coupons handy you may be paying more than you need to for items you can save on. During the week, when you know that the circulars have been cut out and organized, keep your coupon binder in the car. When you leave in the car, you’ll never forget to bring it!

Don’t Clip More Than You Need

Sometimes when clipping coupons you feel the need to get carried away. Sure, you may think that you’ll use all the coupons you’re clipping, but in reality you may spend more time organizing and throwing away the expired ones. Keep your binder organized with coupons you will use regularly. If you feel the need to clip ones that you think you might use, keep them in a separate area. Leaving behind coupons that you may use on planned purchases will keep you from over-saturating your coupon stash.

Make Grocery Lists and Attach Coupons

When planning a shopping trip, make a grocery lists of products you need. Go through your binder, or any other sorting device you may have and take out the ones you’ll be using. It can be easier to pull all the coupons before the trip than trying to get them all out of your binder once you are at the cash register. Sorting your grocery list alphabetically and organizing coupons similarly is a great time saver on large trips.

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