Grants for Single Mothers


Finding the money to attend college is difficult, especially if you are a single mother. The reality is that there is not as much money available to single mothers because most college scholarships and grants are geared toward new high school graduates. Despite this, you should not feel discouraged because there are still a number of programs assist single mothers if you look for them. Here are some of the grants for single mothers.

- The Federal Pell Grant

The Federal Pell Grant is a government grant that is available to all college students. The only thing you need to do to qualify is complete the FAFSA application and be able to demonstrate financial need. Most students tend to qualify for at least some money from the Pell Grant, but people low income students receive the most help from the program.

- The Jeanette Rankin Foundation

The Jeanette Rankin Foundation offers scholarships and grants to women over the age of 35 that are low income and need funding to attend college. The program is available to single mothers as well as long as they can demonstrate academic progress and financial need. Their application is available on their website.

- The Soroptimist Foundation

They have a college grant program for women that have endured adverse situations like poverty, drug abuse, and domestic violence. Applicants must demonstrate academic progress, financial need, and discuss how they rose above their circumstances. The application is available on their website.

- State Grants

All of the states have their own grant programs available to their residents. You will automatically qualify for them when you submit your FAFSA and they will notify you regarding your eligibility. They also tend to favor those who are low income or have multiple dependents.

- Your Workplace

Depending on where you work, they may actually have some grants and funding available to you. A lot of companies offer tuition reimbursement programs and some of them even offer grants to employees that are willing to pursue their education.

In order to obtain funding for your education, you will have to have the initiative seek out information because it is not always readily available. In order to qualify for most grants, you will have to complete the FAFSA application and notify your institution that you are seeking additional funding since they may have their own grant and scholarship programs. You should be open to both grants and scholarships, which you can find online or in books that contain complete listings of grants and scholarships.

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