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Perhaps you recall that guy with the colorful outfit, bow tie and hair on national TV exclaiming that viewers were out of the government loop about free money. There was wheeling and dealing going on in Washington, DC, and all you needed was this encyclopedic volume of information to find grants. Anyone was capable of finding sums of money if only the book was at hand. However, nowadays with the information explosion, now anyone with a computer interested in finding government grants online can forget about that zany guy with the bowtie, or plowing through a book so bulky that if it landed on your foot, you’d surely limp for days.

The trick to finding anything online, not to mention grant information, is to be ware the information explosion. The internet is a rich environment that sprouts amazing creations. Some of the creations turn out to be gems, while others are straight from Dr. Frankenstein’s lab. Information is available that is amazingly good, and then there are the monstrously bad.

As with anything online, quantity does not equal quality. The key information to remember is that it should not cost you more to get the information than the information is worth. In the world of grants and contracts, there are oodles of businesses that promise access to information gold mines. For some sectors of business that are regulated, you can find them off line and their websites online. In the grant world, the same holds true. This is not to say that a brick and mortar presence legitimizes a business or that the lack of one is suspect.

Principal to any government site, including ones that specialize in grants is that the website is required typically by law to reside at a “.gov” web address. Non government entities are hard pressed to get access to these web locales. For federal, state and local sites, the “.gov” is an automatic indicator of legitimacy. The problem with government websites is that they are not well coordinated, and there are numerous sites.

For the federal government, the website is a principal site used by and accessible to not only the federal insiders such as Grants Specialists and Grants Administrators, but by the public. Government agencies are required to post grants on this portal. People can search by type of grant, whether to individual, nonprofit or business, for example.

The Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA), which can be found via the site or at provides an inventory of all federal grants and other assistance available to state, local, Indian tribal governments, U.S. territories, private, groups, nonprofit and individuals. The site also provides help and info on grant writing itself.

The Foundation Center, a world-class nonprofit that can help those seeking all types of grants, was established in 1956. It reports that trusts and foundations may be another source of funding, as more than 88,000 of these groups issue over $40 billion each year. The Foundation Center can put people in touch with resources, as well as identify which organizations to approach for your requirements, and provide grant writing assistance.

It is important to decide for what purpose a grant is needed. This will help target the types of grants and how to search. For example, can help people find different types of grants, from federal to state and local government. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, for example, provides grants to state and local government that are channeled down to allow communities to apply for grants. Annual grants might be provided to home owners for home repairs. Annual Community Development Block Grants are available for people interested in developing different community programs.

For most government grants, there is a contact person such as a Grants Administrator, Grants Officer, or online information to help with the process. The important points to remember about grants and the federal government is that usually there is a deadline, eligibility requirements and upon receipt, compliance requirements, such as reporting. Finding government grants online can be navigated more effectively with reputable guidance, and networking within that community.

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