Family and Individual Budgeting Tips For Getting Through the Recession


Having a family is hard enough without the issue of financial hardship. Thinking about all of the plans that you have to make for college, car insurance, and health care is enough to make any wife or husband’s head spin. But there are some really great ways to save money without missing out on those cherished family moments. Here are some suggestions to help you along the way.


When you go out to the movies, you are going to have to buy the family some popcorn, drinks, and any candy that the kids want. You can save a ton by renting a family movie and watching together in the comfort of your own home. There are times when a movie comes out and you want to have the theater experience. For this, you could invest in a rewards program at your local theater or take advantage of the discounted matinee rates that theaters offer.

Join A Warehouse Store

Buying things like paper towels, toothpaste, shampoo, and other essentials can be very expensive if you get them at the grocery store. When you have a family, you’re buying for more than just you and your spouse. Invest your money in bulk items that you will always need. Many of these warehouse stores will offer fresh meats and other food items that are much cheaper in quantity. Take advantage of the consumption that your family will make and put your money into bulk items instead of individually wrapped products.

Never Go To The Grocery Store Without A Grocery List

When you go the grocery store without a grocery list, you are going to buy whatever you want and possibly forget what you need. Go through your cabinets, refrigerator, and your storage closets before you head off to the local grocer. Knowing exactly what your family needs will give you a plan so you save time and money on otherwise frivolous purchases.

Take Your Vacation In The Off-Season

Taking your vacation in the off-season can be a great way to save a ton of money. Many hotels and resorts will give you an extremely discounted rate when traveling during the off-season. Book your flights with at least a month to spare and you will also save a lot of money. A very consumer friendly way to save on a vacation is to go camping, You won’t have to stay in a hotel and you can bring your own food with you. This will cut down on eating out and give a unique experience for your kids.

Shop Online All The Time

If you or your kids need something and it’s not dire, search for it online. Almost everything can be found from an online retailer and you can save up to fifty percent on the retail price. Don’t be afraid to buy used items on eBay or Amazon. Always make sure that the seller has a good rating and is reputable before you buy.

Car Pool With Other Parents

Driving your kids to school or soccer practice every day can definitely drain your wallet and your gas tank. Get involved with a car pool program and only drive your kids on the days that it is your turn. Many people will take advantage of this as it gives parents the freedom to sleep a little later or to run errands instead of handling their children’s schedule on top of what they need to do.

Planning the budge for any family is never fun, but when you save money on things that you need, you are investing in your future. When you always make out a grocery list or join a warehouse store, you are eliminating the chances of spending frivolously. Take your vacations in the off-season and save money on inexpensive trips like camping. Use these tips to secure more money for you family without cutting the experiences that your children are going to take with them for the rest of their lives.

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