Coupons: Helping You Earn the Title of Frugal Mom


At some point, every mom has witnessed the importance of planning. Whether it would be running out of diapers, forgetting the stroller, leaving “blankie” behind or simply losing your own mind, today’s mom has a little more to think about when leaving the house. With a harsh economic climate across the country, it is more important than ever for moms to unite and conquer the coupon!

Perhaps once thought of as a hassle or something there just simply is not enough time for, coupons are gaining popularity among consumers- especially moms. As critical as planning can be, coupon clipping can add to the benefits gained from a well planned shopping adventure.

Most commonly associated with grocery shopping, coupons offer consumers a discount on products necessary in keeping the household going. From food to toiletries, grocery coupons should only be used if they are for items that currently take residence on the grocery list. If not careful, moms may find themselves purchasing items they do not need simply because they are on-sale and feel they are receiving a good deal. Do not kid yourself. The only good deal is the coupons for items already on the list. Be conscientious of common items on the grocery list and keep a close eye for those coupons. Online sites are free and give members the opportunity to print coupons from the convenience of home. You can still find coupons in weekend editions of newspapers, which have added benefits for buying groceries. Chain stores generally insert weekly advertisements in such editions and can be combined with coupons to gain a maximum savings. It is important to determine regular costs of products, in order to know when you are really getting a good buy. Typically, a period of three months provides a great basis for understanding the price fluctuations so you can stock up and only purchase products when they are at their lowest rock-bottom prices. Some grocery chains have special days when they double and triple the face value of coupons. This is another great time to stock up the pantry.

Online coupons are not limited to grocery goods. Consumers will be happy to use online search engines to discover a wealth of resources including coupons on popular brands of clothing and apparel. Even beyond brands and stores, some malls even have clubs that email updates and coupons to consumers. These regular emails can aid in planning a shopping trip around a sale and/or coupon. Many brands sold in The Prime Outlets stores offer savings of 15-20% on an entire purchase. With online maps available too, customized planning is simple. Moms can map out which stores they wish to visit and design a route to shop every store while keeping baby/toddler/child in tow and happy along the way.

While coupons are great tools in saving money, careful planning takes a backseat to no one. Limiting yourself from the number of visits to the store helps eliminate the amount of money spent. The less frequently you shop, the less money you spend. One simple way to apply this technique into a carefully planned shopping trip is to extend grocery shopping from every week to every other week. Cutting the number of trips to the grocery store in half each month, can make a big difference for that grocery bill. This method gives you more time to clip coupons and you may find yourself spending a little less on gas since you are not driving to the store as often either. It may also help you determine the difference between wants versus needs resulting in a smarter shopper.

Overall, careful planning and coupon clipping are wonderful ways to earn the title of Frugal Mom. Saving more money with coupons enables moms to spend more money and time with the ones they love.

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