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With the current economic condition and the soaring prices of food, gasoline and other necessities, it has become increasingly important to save money in all possible areas. Many people are unaware of the numerous coupons and other ways to save money. Being frugal does not have to be as hard as it seems. With a few helpful, easy, and creative tips saving money can be as easy as spending it!

One of the biggest monthly expenses is a family’s grocery bill. To eliminate some of the extra costs, try buying in bulk. Buying larger containers or jars of items that you regularly use is more cost effective than buying smaller portions. In addition, purchase a membership to a bulk food chain store. Many of these stores require a membership and a nominal fee. However, what you save far outweighs the small membership price.

Also, when searching for items, make sure to pay attention to the per ounce or unit price on the tag. For instance, a 16 oz. jar of peanut butter may cost around $3.00. On the other hand, a 32 oz. of peanut butter may cost around $5.00, a savings of $1.00 for something you are going to use anyway!

In addition, unless there is a certain brand that your family can not live without, try buying the generic forms of cereals, granola bars, chips and other food items. Many times, these items are made by the name brand companies and taste very comparable, if not the same, as the name brand.

For example, a brand name 24 oz. box of cereal may cost $3.50, while the generic form is $2.00. This a $1.50 per week savings or a $6.00 monthly savings. In a year you would save $72.00, just on one weekly box of cereal! Imagine what you would save if you purchased the generic form of all your groceries.

Second, visit some online coupon sites. There are numerous sites that offer coupons on major items from well known food chains. By typing “online coupon sites” in your Internet browser, you will be sent to a plethora of sites that offer various coupons including buy one get one free.

For instance, has a specific grocery category. You can easily browse through the long list of coupons and simply print them out from your computer. Also, they have an array of coupons for many major clothing and household item retailers. By printing out 5-10 coupons per week you can save an average of $20.00- $30.00. This is more time effective than clipping for countless hours!

One of the other major monthly expenses is car maintenance, repairs, and gasoline. Most online coupon sites offer discounts on oil changes, tires, and other repairs at many of the well known chain car shops. For instance, one can find $15.99 oil changes, and 20% off all other maintenance. Furthermore, many grocery stores that are equipped with gas stations offer a 3-5 cent discount per gallon on gas if you sign up for a free preferred card.

Entertainment and fun is often overlooked in today’s economy. However, it is crucial to still have a night out once in a while and to have fun things to do at home! Many coupon sites offer discounts on movie theaters, restaurants and theme parks. Savings can range from $5.00 off of a meal, to 20% off of a total bill, to free admission. If you go out as a family once per week and can save $5.00 per week, this is a $20.00 per month savings. Over a year, you will save $240.00!

Furthermore, the library offers free rentals of books, movies, video games, CDs, and magazines. Plan a fun filled family pizza and movie night weekly by renting a movie from the library and purchasing a frozen pizza, with a coupon, from the grocery store. For about $8.00 you will be able to feed a family of four and provide entertainment!

Now it is time to decide what you are going to do with your new found fortune. Investing money can be complicated, but there are some simple ways to put your money away for a rainy day.

One way is to start a vacation fund. This can be a great goal for the whole family. Place a piggy bank on the kitchen counter and label it “Our Next Trip”. Try to estimate the money you save weekly through coupons and other tips. Place this amount in the jar at the end of each week. Maybe on your family fun movie night? The same can also be done for toys, clothing, or any extra amenities. You will be amazed how quickly it adds up. Happy saving and investing!

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