Budget Bedroom Makeover – Transforming Your Home on a Budget


It doesn’t matter who you are; chances are, at some point in your life, you wished you could live in the home of your imagination. A place that others might be jealous of, to the point that some people would even find excuses in order to visit you. While it’s an admirable goal, in real life few in society have the time or budget to bring such a house into being. This doesn’t mean, however, that you should settle with what you have and feel miserable; there are plenty of things that a person can do. Especially when it comes to a bedroom, decorating a living space can still bring a fun and stylish outcome, no matter how small the budget.

1. This first idea may not occur to most of those who seek to redecorate, but it should still be put on the table for consideration. If a small change is what you’re looking for, one thing to try is moving the furniture. Not only does it cost you nothing, it can be done as many times as you like. Sometimes simply moving your bed or dresser to the other side of the room is enough to give you an entirely new feeling. If you don’t think you have the muscle for shoving and pushing, be sure to get help.

2. Another thing you can try is taking things that already exist in your room or another part of your home and giving them a makeover. In other words, if you simply don’t have the budget for a new piece of furniture, you can opt to give new life to what you have on hand. Paint your dresser a different color, or craft a new cushion for your chair. Some people even make new covers for their furniture using scrap or cheap fabric. It’s all up to you and what you want to convey.

3. If you are a photographer or otherwise love to make works of art, this talent can contribute to your bedroom budget in positive ways. Go through your picture collection and find something that you wouldn’t mind seeing on a daily basis; maybe you took a shot during a family vacation that really stuck with you, or there is a moment in your life that you don’t want to ever forget. If you’d rather not do that, make something with your own hands. You can even enlist the help of family and friends to have something to really cherish. Once finished, frame it and put it on the wall.

4. Scour the local garage sales and flea markets. Just because an item is used, that doesn’t mean it is no longer good and shouldn’t be changed in any way. The loss of the seller is your gain, and you may just find something brand new that would work perfectly with your room. Never be afraid to negotiate the price, no matter how low an offer it may be; you may just get the deal of the century.

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