5 Tips for Throwing a Halloween Party on a Budget


It’s that time of year again when the freaks come at night…to party! Just because we are in the middle of a recession doesn’t mean you must sacrifice having fun with friends and family this Halloween. Here are five tips for throwing an awesome Halloween party without breaking your budget.

Evite Them

The internet is a wonderful place full of free resources to help you with your Halloween party. Instead of sending paper invitations to your party guests, save time, money and help the environment by inviting them through email. There are several websites online, such as Evite.com, which allows you to design and send free invitations over the internet. Some will even let you text message your guests their invitation to the party which is great for those people whose email addresses you don’t know.

Potluck It

Turning your Halloween party into a potluck let’s your friends express their creativity and saves you money. Make a note on the invitations that the party is BYOD – Bring Your Own Dish – and that they should let you know what they are planning to bring when they RSVP. This will ensure you get a good variation of dishes.

For your part, you take care of the main course, drinks and dessert. Chicken, hamburgers and hot dogs are good party foods, especially if the weather in your area is good enough for a barbecue.

Buy from Discount Stores

Discount stores are great places to get Halloween party supplies cheaply. Paper plates, napkins, plasticware and decorations can be found at stores like The Dollar Store and Family Dollar. You can also find good deals on food at membership warehouse clubs such as Costco and Sam’s club.

The drawback with warehouse clubs is that items are sold in bulk which can cause you to buy much more than you need. So whatever you get for the party, make sure it is something your family will enjoy eating for awhile.

Barter for Talent

If you want a unique way to entertain your guests but you want to avoid paying a fortune for a professional, ask one of your talented friends to perform at your Halloween party. Know an artist? See if they will do face painting for you. Know a comedian? Ask them to do a short routine. You might have to do a bit of bartering to get them agree but you’ll have someone you trust to perform and you’ll save money.

Forgo the Alcohol

Don’t feel obligated to have a full bar at your Halloween party. Your guests will most likely be happy with beer, wine and soda. If you really want to provide hard alcohol, serve spiked punch. You’ll get more mileage out of your liquor while adding to the festive nature of Halloween.

Don’t let the economy scare you into having a boring Halloween. No matter what your financial situation is, with some creativity and planning, you can have a Halloween party that will give your friends and family a howling good time.

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